Zoopla Property Data 2018 sales without property ID

Zoopla is one of the UK's leading providers of property data for consumers and property professionals, giving free access to information on 27,000,000 homes, up to 1,000,000 property listings and 15 years of sold prices data. Zoopla is a British company, with the aim to provide users access to information such as sold house prices, trends and statistics, as well as current properties for sale or rent.More information: Details of the data available via Zoopla’s Application Programming Interface (API) can be found at http://developer.zoopla.com/ Zoopla receives the property details from third parties and occasionally there may be missing or unusual data (such as last marketed date before the first marketed date). The main goal of Zoopla raw data aggregation is to turn daily listings extractions into a dataset containing one record for each listing with information about the property, its first and last marketed dates, the number of bedrooms, any change of pricing during the listing period, the location and other available attributes. During the data processing it was noticed that some of the listings do not have any Property ID value, a unique identifier for every property in UK. The listings with property ID were separated from listings without property IDs to evaluate them separately . Zoopla listings were published with or without a property_id (unique property identifier created by Zoopla) when the web advert is created by the agent. Comparing listings with property_id, listings without property_id seem to have no unique characteristics concerning their attributes. It has been also verified that the listings without property_id were likely distributed in all kinds of listing categories, such as no. bedrooms, types of properties, etc and are not spatially clustered. This extract contains the sales data for 2018 without property id.

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