NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Referrals to Community Falls Prevention Programme 2010-16

Aggregated counts of referrals per 2011 datazone for the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to the Community Falls Prevention Program. It contains reports of referrals to the Community Falls Prevention Programme per year from 2010-2016, holding a running total for the time period per datazone. The data covers the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board area.

Datazones are marked NA or missing from the dataset if nobody from those datazones took up an appointment with the service or because the recorded data is insufficient to attach the datazone.

The Community Falls Prevention Program is a program run by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to help stop and advise over 65’s on issues surrounding falling.


The Data was provided by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Safe Haven. Set up in 2011, along with the Robertson Centre for Biostatistics, Safe Haven is a centre for health data research and act as part of the Scottish branch of the Farr Institute.

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