myhealthlondon Indicators

Series of indicators underlying the myhealthlondon website. Information about outcome standards is also available.

Each indicator is provided as a separate data file which can be found using the links below. Full metadata for the indicators are also available.

  1. Indicator 1 - One year cancer survival for lung cancer and breast cancer (Borough level)
  2. Indicator 2 - Identifying the prevalence of cancer (Borough level)
  3. Indicator 3 - Cervical Screening
  4. Indicator 4 - GP recorded smoking (all patients)
  5. Indicator 5 - GP recorded smoking (patients with long term conditions)
  6. Indicator 6a - Identification of the prevalence of atrial fibrillation
  7. Indicator 6b - Treatment of atrial fibrillation
  8. Indicator 7 - Uptake of immunisations for children
  9. Indicator 8 - Uptake of immunisation for influenza for patients aged over 65, and those at risk under 65
  10. Indicator 9 - Identifying the prevalence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease based on estimates for the local population
  11. Indicator 10 - Identifying the prevalence of asthma - no data for 2009
  12. Indicator 11 - Identifying the prevalence of Diabetes - no data for 2009
  13. Indicator 12 - Identifying the prevalence of coronary heart disease
  14. Indicator 13 - Identifying the prevalence of dementia - data no longer available
  15. Indicator 14 - Monitoring safe, rational and cost effective prescribing in general practice (Borough level)
  16. Indicator 15 - The rate of emergency hospital admission for people with long term conditions usually managed by GPs
  17. Indicator 16 - Rate of A&E attendances
  18. Indicator 17 - Satisfaction with the quality of consultation at the GP practice
  19. Indicator 17a - Percentage of patients who gave a positive answer to 'did the doctor or nurse take notice of your views about how to deal with your health problem?'
  20. Indicator 17b - Percentage of patients who gave a positive answer to 'did the doctor or nurse give you information about the things you might do to deal with your health problem?'
  21. Indicator 17c - Percentage of patients who gave a positive answer to 'did you and the doctor or nurse agree about how best to manage your health problem?
  22. Indicator 17d - Percentage of patients who gave a positive answer to 'did the doctor or nurse give you a written document about the discussions you had about managing your health problem?'
  23. Indicator 17e - Percentage of patients who gave a positive answer to 'did you want a written plan summarising your discussion with the doctor or nurse?'
  24. Indicator 17f - Percentage of patients who gave a positive answer to 'did the doctor or nurse ever tell you that you had something called a 'care plan?'
  25. Indicator 17g - Percentage of patients who gave a positive answer to 'do you think that having these discussions with your doctor or nurse has helped improve how you manage your health problem?'
  26. Indicator 18 - Satisfaction with overall care received at the GP practice
  27. Indicator 19 - Patients leaving this GP practice without changing home address
  28. Indicator 20 - Satisfaction in being able to see a preferred doctor
  29. Indicator 21 - Satisfaction with accessing primary care
  30. Indicator 22 - Significant event reviews (one year and three year minimum levels)
  31. Indicators 23 & 24 - Do not exist
  32. Indicator 25 - Early detection of Cancer
  33. Indicator 26b - Identifying the prevalence and assessing patients with a new diagnosis of depression - 26a data no longer available
  34. Indicator 26c - Assessment of depression
  35. Indicator 27a - Percentage of patients in the local area with serious mental illness contacted by their GP practice after missing their health review
  36. Indicator 27b - Percentage of patients with serious mental illness with a physical health check in the last 15 months
  37. Indicator 27c - Blood pressure checks for serious mental health illness
  38. Indicator 27d - Physical health checks for serious mental health illness
  39. Indicator 28 - End of life care

All indicators are provided at GP Practice level except for those marked as Borough level.

19 and 25 as of 04/09/2012

Indicator 6 updated as of 01/05/2013

Indicators 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 17a to 17g, 18, 20, 21, 22, 26a, 26c, 27c ,27d and 28 updated as of 17/12/2013

Indicator 26a has been discontinued and is no longer available on the Datastore. There is a possibility that it may be reinstated in the future.

Data are provided in a standardised schema with each record containing an indicator ID and organisation ID. These can be matched against the two lookup files below to identify the indicator (or sub-indicator where available) and organisation.

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