Modelled Scottish mean annual pollution estimates

Background pollution maps at 1x1 km resolution are modelled each year under Defra's Ambient Air Quality Assessments (UKAAQA) contract. These maps are used to provide policy support for Defra and to fulfill the UK's reporting obligations to Europe. An interpolation of these grid data was performed using a kriging approach developed by Guanpeng (Gavin) Dong at the Sheffield Methods Institute, to produce a continuous pollution surface, which was then mapped onto Scottish datazones to produce annual mean pollution estimates for each datazone area.

Defra data used in the creation of this product was downloaded under Open Government Licence and any further use of this data must acknowledge Defra and as a source of the information by including the following attribution statement in reports, web pages or derived data products:

© Crown 2015 copyright Defra via, licenced under the Open Government Licence (OGL).

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Author Dr Jon Minton