Flag 4 GP Registrations, Borough

Figures show the number of new Flag 4 records added in the previous 12 months existing on the Patient Register as at 31st July, for each local authority in England and Wales. Flag 4s are codes within the Patient Register Data Service (PRDS) held by NHS Connecting for Health (NHSCfH). The data indicate that someone who has registered with a GP in England and Wales was previously living overseas.

All the Flag 4 data are unrounded.

These data are designated as ‘Official statistics not designated as National Statistics’. These data must be sourced to the Office for National Statistics.
Flag 4 statistics provide an indication of recent international in-migrants to local authority areas; however due to the definitional differences the figures are not directly comparable to other indicators of migration such as estimates of long-term international migration.
Flag 4 statistics are derived from an administrative system which is not designed primarily for statistical purposes. For more information on using administrative data sources please see ‘A Review of the Potential Use of Administrative Sources in the Estimation of Population Statistics’: http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/guide-method/method-quality/imps/archive-material/archive-updates-and-reports/2007/a-review-of-the-potential-use-of-administrative-sources-in-the-estimation-of-population-statistics.pdf

Flag 4 records may not be retained on patient register records through the person's subsequent migration within UK. The patient register is a 'snapshot' taken annually. When an in-migrant subsequently moves internally within the UK and re-registers with a second GP, the Flag 4 demarcation is not retained as the individual’s last residence is now within the UK. If this internal migration occurs within the year of in-migration, i.e. before the next mid-year snapshot, the in-migration will not be recorded.GP registration is not compulsory. Some migrants will only register with a GP if, and when, they require medical attention. There may also be a lag between the migration event and the eventual GP registration.The completeness of the data depends on all patients registering with an NHS GP when they move to the England and Wales. However, it is known that registration patterns vary by sex and age group. Therefore, the usefulness of the data as an indicator of migration is limited by some groups being less likely to register with a GP than others. For example, young men (who make up a large proportion of migrants) are less likely to register with a GP than other groups.

Read more on registrations by local authority or view local area migration indicators, available on the ONS website.

For more information please contact: Migstatsunit@ons.gov.uk

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