Aberdeen City Council Count of Properties on Landlord Registry at 15 August 2017 presented by datazone

Aberdeen City Council published a list of postcodes for entries on their Landlord Register on 15 August 2017, following a Freedom of Information request. Private landlords in Scotland are required to register with their local authority under Part 8 of the Antisocial Behaviour etc. (Scotland) Act 2004. Registration lasts for three years so the fact that a property is registered does not necessarily mean that it is currently being rented out. In a number of cases, an individual property may have more than one register entry since there is a requirement for each owner to register separately. The data published here do not permit the identification of duplicate entries but analysis of similar data for another local authority (Renfrewshire) showed that, for every 1000 registered properties, there were 1230 register entries. In this dataset, we have aggregated these postcodes to Datazones, providing a count of register entries for each. We have also made a simple estimate of the number of registered properties by applying the adjustment factor from the Renfrewshire experience (1000/1230 or .81).

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